East Coast Customs

Growing up on the Jersey Shore, I got to be spoiled at a young age with the “good” things in life…. surfing, skateboarding, and making the best memories to date.

As a kid, hanging with a group of friends in Manasquan NJ, skating anything we could find. The Ditch, our hand built half pipe in a friend’s yard, Valley Park doing drop offs…. All the way from The Bones Brigade to eventually down hilling in the hills in Brielle NJ. With that I found a passion for the magical “Feel” of carving tight turns, and a need for speed. If you ride longboards, you know what I am talking about.

We started with a friend’s father’s cabinet shop tracing snowboards on cabinet wood. With a old set of Gullwing trucks and Krytonic’s c-65, we tackled some of the biggest and scariest hills around. From there I wanted to build something more unique, stronger, more stable, and beautiful. Something that you could ride and be proud of. The envy of all. But it had to be right. I wanted that feel as when you drop into a head high wave and make that magical bottom turn… It’s that feel we strive to re-create.

And with that in mind, East Coast Customs was born.


Free Ride Longboards

At Original Skateboards we see longboarding differently. We know that a longboard is so much more than just a longer skateboard and for that reason we knew that using nothing more than oversized traditional skateboard trucks and boards, while hoping for a different result, would never get us where we wanted to go.

With out sustained development work on all components of the traditional skateboard, we knew that we could not achieve what would be possible on a longboard, designed by longboarders for longboarding.


Arbor Skateboards

Certified Arbor Completes are fully assembled skateboards built using select, high-end components that complement the performance and geometry of each of our shapes. Certified Completes include: Sucrose Initiative Wheels, Double Shield ABEC 5 Bearings, Caliber Trucks (Gullwing Sidewinder on the Zeppelin), Blood Orange bushings, and of course a handmade Arbor deck. Each package takes into consideration: the angle, geometry, and size of the trucks; the size, shape, and durometer of the wheels; the hardness and rebound of the bushings; the placement of wheel wells; and all aspects of shape. When buying an Arbor, look for this symbol, and insist that your complete comes with components approved by Arbor Skateboards.